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I first properly fell in love with house music when I first set foot inside Shelleys in Longton back in 91. When that sadly shut down, Legends in Warrington became my regular weekend fix for house music. Then I graduated to The Hac in Manchester. The Hacienda on a Saturday was defo a great place to enjoy house music with likes of Graeme Park on the decks. As for DJ-ing I was something of a late starter. I started working in nightclubs at the age of 21, but not as a DJ. I was a podium dancer for 8 years. Working as a dancer in one particular club I became good friends with the DJ. It was this DJ (Ben Barrs) who introduced me to DJ-ing. I used to go along with him to his regular club gigs in Birmingham. Before long I was filling in for him. That was until I got my first regular gig at The Isobar (think that’s the correct spelling) on Hurst Street in Birmingham . Packed it in though in 2002 when I couldn’t commit the time to it due to starting my own business - and a family! I kept my decks and used to dust them off for house parties every now and again. After party night my decks would generally stay set up in the dining room for a few weeks - until, alas I’d walk through the door from work one day to find the missus had packed them away. I had kinda taken over the dining room for a month so I couldn’t really complain. Then 3 years ago after one particular party I decided that I didn’t want to pack my decks away. The next weekend I turned half of my garage into a mancave, complete with my decks set up so I could go and have a blast whenever I felt like it! Then two years ago I moved to Yarnfield with my wife and four children. This is where I met James Walker aka DJ Hawk. We became best mates and the rest as they say is history.

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