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Mike started his DJ career at the age of 14 in 1984. Growing up on Long Island 25 minutes from Manhattan, Mike perfected his mixology skills doing house parties and preforming at clubs around the NYC area. By the time he was 16 he was also performing at weddings and other formal parties around the NYC area. By 17, he was preforming at various clubs around the NYC area backing up the house DJ’s when they took their breaks. (wink) By the time Mike was 24 he was running a DJ business, partnered with his father Ray, who was a band leader. As time went on, Mike moved on to being an established DJ on the wedding circuit preforming at some of the best halls in NY. In 2014 a move to South Florida was in the works so Mike and his wife Nancy left Long Island and found some sun! Mike still does small clubs and weddings in South Florida! In 2018, Mike was invited to preform on a new venture. An internet radio show where he could have full reign. Located at www.underground-connection.uk, Mike has been lucky to be spinning his music with some of the BEST DJ’s in the world. Catch his show Friday nights 12:00-2:00 gmt (7-9pm est) for his look at hip hop, reggae, funk and soul. Old skhool styee! Only In The Arena Room!

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