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I'm Bjorn started young with music interest. Mixing on the pc with Windows Media Player and cd player and fade with both of them. A moment later started with producing but was to difficult on that moment. So i bought a controller after a few years of practicing with Virtual Dj. Then i saw a piece in the newspaper of the town where i life. A company was starting a Disco for young people under the 12 years old. And they search a dj, 'We are in business' in my head. Was 16 years old then, but the Disco was not a succes. 'dj b-have'

Anyway a few of years later, i bought lp's. Kidnap grandpa's pick up. Later buyed my own pickups and a mixer with lp's in 1 set (of a guy in another town). That where Hardcore(dutch) lp's, gabber, Party's. buyed big speakers, new setup ; cdj's with mixer (not pioneer)disco light 'it grows and it grows' another dj setup now these day's. 'Flexible B' 'Born Of Silent'

Skills and technic also grows, then live stream on the internet. First youtube then\and facebook. later came radio's live stream. (audio&video). and now 'N-RojB'

As u can see the dj name from begin until know says it a little, I have Autsime the form PDD-NOS.

Now u know u would say 'wasn't expect that'

That's why I'm in the music, it mute it a little (my problem) and understand & love each other. We don't like al music but if it change a little we listing to all.

I'm N-RojB look in the past and see my name

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